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someone's been stealing snacks from the cafeteria,, and it wasnt me ;)

stab day... ?? uh never heard of it before,, that sounds...

Like A Day For Me.

I’m back on the ship,,,, I’m free I’m finally free,, I need to,, sleep on my bed now zzz

Hangin out in the forest vs the city is like super different and im not a fan of them both ya ?

like,, i think three weeks of this is waaaayy too long

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uhhhh pig's cant be doctors...... right ? why are they,, walking.

hmmm yeah,, I thinking that like I don't understand how restaurants like work and don't wanna try them

owo my job went well,, now it's..... time to explore the city!!! !

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Petition to make murder legal, boost this to sign

Crime time! Crimes times! Times for crimes!!!!

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Hey guys watch me go feral [Does a little fortnite dance]

hey if like... we're all in different universes does that mean Fortnite doesn't exist in some of them ???

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As per usual, I have no fuckin' clue as to what's happening. Things are happening so much

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